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Tag: Kenya

Impact of COVID-19 on women workers in the horticulture sector in Kenya

A rapid assessment of the effects of COVID-19 by Hivos East Africa’s Women@Work indicates that food security is a major concern for flower farm workers mainly due to job losses and increasing food prices.

The study recommends that the government expand COVID-19 social protections for workers who have lost their jobs, regulate the prices of food and other essential goods, and offer free mass testing, personal protective equipment, quarantine services and healthcare for the horticultural sector, amongst other measure.


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COMESA Member States Response

This publication comprises a listing of measures that COMESA Member States have put in place to contain the spread of the Corona virus. They cover trade facilitation and support to businesses, protection of the vulnerable from the impact of the spread of the virus and other relevant measures. It also includes the support received from the international community Aid agencies. A rendline on the number of cases reported has also been included as well as the contacts of the focal points in the Ministries that coordinate COMESA activities in Member States.

COVID 19 Response Measures in COMESA Member States 4th Edition 30 April 2020

Webinar: Trading Away Women’s Rights

For decades, feminists have been demanding for a trade justice agenda that will remedy inequalities, ensure gender-responsive public services and infrastructure and promote and protect women’s human rights.
COVID-19 pandemic has further revealed the precariousness of the global-value chain and weak public infrastructure promoted by the privatizations and liberalization that the current trade and economic system, and the disproportionate impact it has brought to women. It has also revealed how precarious this hyper globalized world and the multilateral trade systems are as a whole.   
On 5th June 2020, FEMNET’s member Dr. Michelle R. Maziwisa, joined the Gender Trade Coalition Webinar in discussing the feminist analysis on the impact of free trade in undermining women’s rights before andd during #COVID19 pandemic. Dr. Maziwisa highlights critical questions that women should be asking around the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).  Click here to listen to the Webinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi4-8uXNcys&t=16s 
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