Ministry for Health web page reports on COVID-19 situation

Every day the Vigilance and Response Technical Committee is working to respond to the current pandemic situation. Specifically, the Ministry for Health web page has published its most recent updates in 26th August, covering data from 24th of this month.

In the last 7 days, a total of 1,252 teats have been carried out. The most affected age group in from 15 to 45 years of age (46.06%).

To 26th August, the percentage of active cases in 79.01%; positive health professionals stand at 362.

The rate of positive results stands at 3.0, and the fatality rate remains stable at 1.68, well below the African average. Hospitalised cases stand at 22; light or moderate cases, 21; serious cases 0 and critical cases 1.

Submission: Sarilusi Tarifa King (DPGWIGE)
Datos: Ministry for Health web page
Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

Source:  (Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office).


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    Ministry for Health web page reports on COVID-19 situation

    Every day the Vigilance and Response Technical Committee is working to respond to the current pandemic situation. Specifically, the Ministry for …

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    Equatorial Guinea takes part in the 70th Session of WHO Regional Committee for Africa

    The virtual meeting focussed on the region’s response to COVID-19 and the Declaration of Africa as territory free from Polio

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    Article by Ambassador to China on anniversary of friendship between Asian country and Equatorial Guinea

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    UNAIDS Office donates protective equipment against COVID-19 to UREI

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    Press release from Ministry for Finance

    The acting Minister for Finance, César Augusto Mba Abogo, signed the press communiqué which we are publishing below.

  • 17 AUGUST 2020

    Meeting of Ambassadors in Central Africa

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  • 15 AUGUST 2020

    Donation of sanitary material by PDGE to FCMNO

    On Friday 14th August, a delegation from the PDGE, led by the Deputy General Secretary, Jesusa Obono Engono, went to the headquarters of the Cons…

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    Council of Ministers Extraordinary Meeting

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    Donation of COVID-19 preventive material by Douglas Alliance

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    Donation of material against COVID-19 from CPC to PDGE National Office

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