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Corona Virus spreading: Comoros Customs on phase 2.

As customs officers are required agents to be in front of borders and are the first people who are authorized to get in contact with people who come into the country either by air or by sea, they are potential victims and vectors of the virus .

Due to that , Customs officers in port and airport were called in a campaign awareness regarding the behaviors to adopt to fight against the spread of Corona virus pandemic.

The awareness raising operation was organized on the initiative of the Director General of Customs, Mr Souef Kamalidini in collaboration with the Ministries of Health , Information and Finance in partnership with the World Health Organization.

The awareness session goal was to explain the nature of the pandemic, border control measurements, conducts to be followed and the quanrantine process for suspicious cases.

“ We have a port and airport community which brings together numerous customs officers from different places of the country , hence it was mandatory to raise an awareness , push them to adopt the same level of behavior , and outdo their responsibilities in the work environment” explained the Director General of Customs, Mr Souef Kamalidini.

Beside the awareness operation, the Director General of Customs , Mr Souef Kamalidini has played a civic duty by taking exceptional preventive measurements not only for custom officers but for direct partners and all users which go as follow :

It is recommended to interact with users by phone or other means of communication :
1. Meetings related to work of more than ten people and other groups within the Administration are prohibited until further notice.

2. Comoros Customs urges all commissioners in exercice and brokers to use tele declaration through ASYCUDAworld and send all supporting documents of supports, by dematerialized way.

3. Customs recommends as far as possible, for its staff, a succesfull teleworking as a means of information and communication during this exceptional period through Comoros customs Webmail:douane.gov.km and the online intranet space strictly reserved for customs officers.

4. All staff are called to use other means of working such as email, watsapp groups or other applications.

5. Non essential staff are required to stay home until further notice.

The Covid-19 control system at the port and the airport will be soon officially put in place, according to sources from the Ministry of Health and other preventive measurements will be taken according to the progress of the situation.

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