Stay Safe

Stay Safe

Safety has never been a bigger concern as it is during these surreal times of COVID-19 pandemic. It has been placed at a higher degree now more than ever with every individual looking out to prevent and protect themselves against the coronavirus and related effects of the pandemic. Which include mental health, general health awareness, working from home and workplace wellness and safety, public awareness on safety, family relations and prevention against domestic violence, menstrual health and contraception awareness and community wellness. Below, we share with you some of the credible well-articulated guidelines from different online sources on safety during this pandemic. 

We invite you all to share with us information from your communities and in your own languages on how you are staying safe and sane on email

1. Hygiene and safety

2. GBV

3. General Health awareness

4. Mental Health awareness

5. Menstrual Health and Contraception awareness

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