Government reinforces measures to protect the country from COVID-19
Government reinforces measures to protect the country from COVID-19

So far, there is no confirmation of any infected with COVID-19 in Mozambique. The information was given a few moments ago by the President of the Republic, who spoke to the Nation from Ponta Vermelha, in the city of Maputo.

In his communication, Filipe Nyusi called for Mozambicans to remain calm and vigilant, following all hygiene rules aimed at protecting everyone. Likewise, Nyusi announced that the Government has decided to raise the alert level in this context in which the coronavirus has reached various corners of the world. Mozambique has even suspended all state travel abroad.

From now on, all citizens coming from countries with COVID-19 will have to go through a mandatory quarantine. Likewise, the organization and participation in events that bring together more than three hundred people in the country, are suspended.

At this time when the world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic, Nyusi called on Mozambicans to follow clinical guidelines, such as washing their hands with water, soap, ash and following the cough etiquette.

At the end of his speech, the President of the Republic said that Mozambicans should not be agitated by false information. Nyusi wants everyone to wait and trust official information that will continue to be put forward by the government.


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