Global Health Security Depends on Women: 5 Asks for Gender-Responsive COVID-19 Responses

Viruses don’t respect national borders, and the rapid spread of COVID-19 is due in large part to the ways power and privilege play out in the provision of healthcare worldwide. Billions of people lack Universal Health Coverage (UHC) – some without access to any care at all – and their vulnerability leaves us all vulnerable. Many in the extended Women in Global Health community are health workers fighting on the frontlines of this pandemic – committed to equitable and accessible health for all. But the current state of global health requires even more decisive action, demands equal representation for women in global health leadership because diverse perspectives strengthen health systems and save lives – and we can’t win the fight against this (and other) health challenges by using only half of our global talent pool. The voices of women, especially women from the Global South, must be heard. Read More

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