“COVID Fighter” Invention in Tanzania to sensitize communities

The Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) invented a news innovation that creates awareness on coronavirus to wananchi as they wash their hands.

Technology called “COVID fighter” uses a solenoid to open water from the tap to wash people’s hands without touching a tap water and sanitizer. Solenoid is a mechanical switch that is activated by a magnetic coil to open and close an electric circuit, to open or close a tap and sanitizer bottle automatically. DIT computer department instructor Mr Othman Dazi told The Citizen that currently a lot of buckets are being sold for people to wash hands but they are not sure about its safety because a person touches a bottle of disinfectant and tap to clean the hands. “Hands are one of the most common ways that the coronavirus spreads from one person to another therefore, the innovation of” COVID fighter” will reduce the risks,” he said. “After seeing that a number of people are using ordinary buckets to wash hands, we have come up with a programmed automatic bucket that sense and provide coronavirus awareness when a person washes hands without touching it,” he said.

According to him, they were currently in final stages to assemble the technology and they expect that soon it will be on the market at an effective cost of TSh170, 000 each. He stressed that the first outbreak of coronavirus in the country made them to invent the technology because they saw how people were reacting when using ordinary buckets to wash hands.

Written by Hellen Nachilongo (23rd April 2020)

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